Will I lose my home?

Clients anticipating or going through divorce are often concerned whether they will lose their home. Sometimes, clients are unsure whether they want or even can keep their home. The family home is a sacred place for many, filled with memories – some good, some bad – made by the family over time and it can be emotionally overwhelming to process not only the loss of the marriage, but also the potential loss of the comfort and stability that the home may represent. Perhaps there are children involved who have only ever known this house as their home – this strong emotional tie can make it even harder to consider parting with the home.

Whether you will be able to keep your home depends on a number of factors, primarily financial in nature. Some relevant questions to explore include:

  • Would you be able to make the mortgage payment on your income alone?
  • Would you be able to make the mortgage payment with your income plus child and/or spousal support?
  • Would you be able to qualify to timely refinance the mortgage into your name without the help of your spouse?
  • Would you be able to buy your spouse out of their share of the equity in the house on your own or with the help of relatives or a new partner?
  • Would the equity in the house be split equally or does one or both spouses have a claim to more due to separate property contributions to the acquisition of the house?
  • Do you WANT to keep this house with all its memories, or do you want a fresh start somewhere else? Does your spouse want to keep the house?
  • What is the rent for a comparable property in your area compared to the monthly mortgage payment?
  • Will you have enough funds to make necessary repairs to the home that may be coming due, if you were to keep the house?

There are many facets of the question of whether you would be able to, or should, retain your home in a divorce to explore.

I have helped many clients make the best decision for them.

Do you need help evaluating whether you should or can keep your home? 

I can help you explore the personal side of this decision and craft a list of legal questions to ask your family law attorney so you can make a fully informed and thoughtful decision on this very important aspect of your family transition.


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Lauren Fair Coaching

I have been a divorce attorney for the past 12 years, running a highly successful boutique family law firm in Southern California. In addition to being a legal expert on divorce, I went through my own devastating divorce and re-built a life I love. Wherever you are on your divorce journey, I have either been there myself or helped clients who have been there.
Lauren Fair Coaching
Lauren Fair Coaching3 days ago
Whether you are going through a divorce or not, deciding, and then taking the time, to take care of yourself is essential.

I was definitely guilty of not taking care of myself for a long time. I put my clients, business, and others before me. For way too long. And I burned out big time before I realized I could not continue to put everyone and everything else before my own needs. I intelligently knew this before, but could not get myself out of the default hustle cycle and overwhelm it felt like I was drowning in. It took the forced slow-down of the pandemic lockdown for me to have the space to really feel in my bones the paramount need to prioritize caring for myself.

When you think of self-care, you may think of things like taking a bubble bath, going to the spa, reading a book on the beach, sleeping in, taking a walk, or having lunch with a friend.

These things are all AMAZING and if they feel fun and relaxing to you, you should totally do them. I do.

But, the most impactful act of self-care I have done was to hire a life coach. Getting coached every week is the single most important activity I have done that has enabled me to change my life so significantly. I empty out the thoughts in my brain like dumping purse contents out on a table, we look at them together, my coach helps me see what I am missing and what is possible, and we access my inner wisdom to strategize how to solve problems and move forward with and achieve my life and business goals.

The gift of a managed mind and having someone to point out my blind spots and offer new possibilities and perspectives has done more for my overall level of peace, calm, motivation, focus, and joy than any other tactic or activity I’ve tried.

And it’s what allowed me to see how much more I could serve my clients in the divorce space with these tools.

Do I still have bad days and negative emotions? Of course! Because, well, I have a human brain. But the coaching I receive and the self-coaching I do make all the difference in how I handle the good and the bad times for myself. And that, for me, is indispensable self-care. 💗

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