If you’ve already decided to divorce, but have not initiated the legal process, this is the best time in the process to hire a coach to avoid costly mistakes, set yourself up to obtain the best possible results, and make smart decisions to set the tone of your separation and divorce process in a way that aligns with your outcome goals.

If you have not yet started the divorce process, I can help you:

  • Decide to Stay or Go

    If you are struggling with whether to get a divorce and need help deciding whether to stay or go, I can help you make the best decision for you.  Whether you decide to stay or to go, we will devise a strategy for success for whichever path you are on.

  • Prepare to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

    If you are initiating the divorce process, the time will come when you need to inform your spouse of your decision.  The content and delivery of this conversation can significantly impact the trajectory and level of hostility of the divorce process.  I help clients to prepare to share the news with their spouse in a way that is designed to help them meet their long-term goals for the divorce and for their post-divorce life.

  • Decide Whether to Hire an Attorney / Find the Right Attorney

    Finding the right divorce lawyer to hire to give you legal advice in connection with your divorce is an important decision because your choice of lawyer can materially impact the trajectory of your case, your experience of the process, and whether you get quality advice on critical issues.  Having worked in family law firms and as a lawyer for many years, I help clients understand how to find potential attorney matches and what important questions to ask during consultations to find the best fit for them.

  • Plan for & Make a Smart Exit While Protecting Yourself

    I walk clients through my simple, 5-step process to making a smart exit from the marriage.

  • Prepare to Tell the Kids

    The conversation in which you tell the kids you are getting divorced is a memorable moment for them.  You want to get this right, but you know it will be a tough conversation, and you only get one shot at it.  I prepare clients to handle this conversation in a manner that minimizes the negative impact on them and their children.

  • Choose the Right Process Option

    The traditional first step when the decision has been made to divorce is to run out, hire a lawyer, file papers, and serve your spouse.  While this is still an option, there are many other options available today.  I help clients understand those options and their associated costs and benefits, evaluate what is best for their situation, and move forward with confidence.


Are you already going through a divorce and feel like you are lost or drowning?  Maybe you are finding yourself sobbing while driving to work or after dropping off the kids at school – wondering when it will be over and when your pain will go away.  You feel like you have exhausted your family and friends and need somewhere else to turn.  You need someone to listen to you, not judge you, and guide you through this difficult chapter and on to a better one, which sometimes is hard to envision will ever happen.

If you are already separated and have started your divorce process, I can help you:

  • Get Organized

  • Minimize Your Attorney’s Fees

  • Understand the Process

  • Understand the Financial Aspects of Divorce

  • Identify, Collect & Organize Evidence

  • Make Legal Strategy Decisions

  • Develop Parenting Plan Proposals

  • Develop Financial Settlement Proposals

  • Prepare to Successfully Engage in Mediation

  • Learn to Advocate & Negotiate for Yourself

  • Manage Conflict

  • Transition Your Relationship from Spouses to Co-Parents

  • Support Your Children’s Emotional Wellbeing


If you are already divorced and you feel like you have unresolved issues preventing you from having the life you want, let’s talk. It could be that you are trying to navigate co-parenting with an uncooperative ex.  Or you want to build a business to give you greater financial freedom and time with your kids, but are afraid to make the leap.  We can work together to get clear on what your goals are for your next chapter and move forward with enthusiasm and optimism about the new opportunity you have to re-design your life.

For clients whom I have helped through the divorce process, I am available to provide additional support to:

  • Rebuild Better

  • Start a Business

  • Manage Post-Judgment Court Proceedings

  • Navigate Co-Parenting Challenges

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