Meet Lauren

My professional qualifications include . . . 

  • Juris Doctor, Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization
  • Partner/Shareholder, Fair Cadora, APC
  • Master Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School
  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
  • DCA® Certified ADR Divorce Coach
  • DCA Pre-Mediation Divorce Coach™
  • DCA Divorce Conflict Coach™
  • Certified Co-Parenting Specialist, Mosten Guthrie Academy
  • Mediation Training, Mosten Guthrie Academy
  • Grief and Post-Traumatic Growth Advanced Coaching Certification, Krista St-Germain Coaching
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Business, San Diego State University

Over the last 16+ years working in the family law industry, in addition to going through my own divorce and later remarrying to form a blended family, I have become uniquely suited to help people going through divorce through both my expertise in the business of divorce as well as the lived experience of divorce.

Wherever you are on your divorce journey, I have either been there myself or helped clients who have been there.  I help my clients navigate these all-consuming and uncertain times with non-judgmental support and savvy expertise so they can move boldly forward to healing and living aligned, peaceful, fulfilling lives in their next chapter.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career as a lawyer has been seeing the change in my clients from when I start working with them, oftentimes at the beginning of their family separation, to their life post-divorce.

A little about me as a person . . .

  • California-licensed and practicing attorney for 15 years, specializing in family law litigation and mediation
  • Entrepreneur for 12 years, responsible for running a successful family law firm in Southern California
  • Matriarch to my blended family in modern times, managing the daily harmony of work and home
  • Wife, happily remarried to a husband who has an ex-wife with whom he shares 3 kids
  • Devoted mother to 2 young children – my most cherished role
  • Step-mother to 3 teenage children
  • Caregiver to 2 smush-faced cats, a sweet Shichon, and 2 goofy budgies who occasionally accompany me to the office
  • Lived on both sides of the United States, as well as in France
  • Love the French language, Paris, small towns with medieval ramparts, croissants, crepes, castles, les Grands Magasins, lavender, French country farmhouse interior design, and fleurs de lis

I was there.

When I married my first husband, I thought I had it all going for me.  I was checking off all the boxes on the checklist of what we are told we should be achieving to be successful – get a good education and a career, fall in love, get married, buy a house, – and of course, we’d have kids, eventually grandkids, and be sitting next to each other in our rocking chairs on our front porch in our old age.  I thought I had the rest of my life figured out.

Until one day it all came crashing down.  I found myself brokenhearted, initiating a divorce I never envisioned, grieving the loss of him as my constant companion and the future we would never have together, facing financial ruin, feeling like a complete failure, terrified of starting over, overworking to avoid my pain, and sometimes struggling to get through the day or believe that I would ever be happy again.  I suffered longer than I had to, and I didn’t really see any way to get past what I was feeling.

Now, I’m here.

It wasn’t until I sought out someone who could help me gain a different perspective that I was able to heal and fully realize how my ex-husband and I were catalysts for each other’s growth for reasons I couldn’t see at the time.

More than ten years later, having successfully navigated my divorce to a place of peace and gratitude, living a life I love again, and having helped hundreds of other people through the legal process, I coach others who do not want the divorce to define their lives but be an opportunity to grow and discover the next version of themselves.

Divorce is a plot twist – not the end of your story. It can be a life-changing opportunity to grow, evolve, rediscover your values, reconnect with your soul, revive your spirit, and come out ahead in ways you never thought possible.

I’m here to help you.

I became a coach to focus more of my time and expertise on supporting people through major life changes that are isolating and daunting to conquer alone by filling the gap between the services provided to clients by a therapist and those provided by an attorney.  Whether you are worried about finances, your kids, retirement, the legal divorce process, processing the pain of the separation, or just the future in general, I can help you navigate the business of divorce and the lived experience of divorce.  I have been on this emotional rollercoaster and I can help you expedite your return to the station and disembark.

I am here to help you strategize, cope, and succeed in your divorce, and to move forward with confidence.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Because I’ve been in your shoes, and have more than 15 years of professional experience in the family industry, I know how important it is to have someone you can count on and trust!

If you are at the early stages of your divorce and want to handle your divorce with confidence, clarity, and courage while minimizing its impact on you, your family, and your wallet, we should connect.

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During our 30-minute consultation call, we will discuss what brings you to the call and explore what you would like to achieve through coaching.  Then, we will look at whether it makes sense to work together, and I will share the details of the coaching package options that suit your personal situation.